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    About us

    Nanjing Yangzi Power Engineering Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as NPEC) is a company founded according to relevantsystem reform policies of China and the Sinopec Group. It includes severalsections in the former Yangzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd., the thermal plantmaintenance department, the ash removing devices and fly ash company and some of the posts in management and logistic.

    The NPEC was founded in July, 2007, with a registeredcapital of 44,000,000 yuan. It has a group of highly qualified constructors and safety engineers who hold national certifications, as well as qualityengineers, supervision engineers, technical and management personnel.

    The NPEC provides the following main services:management of plant air and power plant equipments and other services in public construction projects; installation and maintenance of machines, electrical equipments and instruments (including power plant boiler unit, steam turbine generator unit, gas turbine unit, turbine compressor unit, desulphurization equipments,coal gas equipments, methionine equipments and special equipments); construction of power converting and distribution station; electronic engineering, environmental engineering; anticorrosion and insulation; pipeline and equipment installation of petrochemical industry; fabrication, production, inspection and maintenance of equipment; acid pickling and cleaning; onstruction and installation projects; project supervision; development and transfer of engineering technology; consultation service; treatment,processing, development and marketing of fly ash, slag and product from flue gas desulphurization; sales of construction materials; labor and lease of equipment; cleaning of industrial equipment; maintenance and technology onsultation of mechanical cleaning equipments; industrial sealing and plugging service; technical service of petroleum pipeline.

    The NPEC sticks to its motto of "unity,confidence, exploration, innovation, harmony and improvement", cultivatesthe people-oriented value; strengthens the all-win development concept, sets up the managing concept of honesty andtrustworthy, formulates a team of competitiveness, constantly improves servicequality and increases contents of services, strives hard to become a dynamicand unique rising company.