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    President Message

    Nanjing Yangzi Power Engineering Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as NPEC) originates from and is rooted in Yangzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as YPC). It has been 7 years since the NPEC took the system reform in 2007. After 7 years of hard work and thanks to the cares and supports from all sectors of the society, the NPEC continuously enlarges its scope of business. Our main business has grown rapidly, and our profitability, competitiveness and risk resistance capacity have been enhanced continuously. From the simplex thermoelectricity maintenance in early days to the operation and maintenance in chemical engineering, steel and other industries; from the overhaul and repair of thermal plants boilers to the construction of mechanical equipemts, electrical equipments, automation equipments, chemicals, etc., the exploration of each market and the undertaking of each construction project all urge us to improve our comprehensive strength and stimulate us to constantly perfect and improve our management skill in all sections.

    For a company specialized in inspection, maintenance and repair services, in order to stand on the leading edge of the industry, it shall constantly improve its service ability as well as service awareness. In the future, we shall stick to the mission of providing high quality maintenance service. Meanwhile, by using integrated services including the treatments and sales of environmental friendly products, lease of equipment, etc. as extension, and relying on the advanced managing concept, the rich maintenance and construction experience, the first-class installation technique, the cutting-edge environmental treatment technology and the all-round service, we shall hold fast to our customers and our parent company, expand our managing ideas, participate in market competition and achieve the steady development of ourselves.

    There are thousand miles ahead, as there are sweat and memories behind. Faced with the competitive market, let us keep our persistence and sincerity, hold our belief in NPEC, trust our teammates, overcome the forthcoming difficulties and realize our dream!